About Our School

Hickory Montessori School integrates contemporary learning resources and methods with a Montessori interactive classroom environment. Each student works through a carefully defined and developed curriculum at his or her own pace. Students are never hurried into experiences too advanced for them, nor are they restrained when they are ready to advance. Evidence of each child's progress is observed and recorded by the teacher. This information assists the teacher in deciding which activities the student should be introduced to next. Students do not receive numerical grades or letter grades on their report card; a comprehensive progress report provides parents a wealth of information about their child's successes and accomplishments.

In the Montessori environment, younger students may requite assistance, while older children earn respect and self esteem as sources ofhe1p and leadership. As a result, cooperative social behaviors increase in mixed age groups, while discipline problems usually decrease.

Younger students, because of their association with their older peers, have opportunities to join in more complex play and learning activities than perhaps they could initiate themselves. Simultaneously, older students may improve their social skills by interacting with and providing leadership to younger classmates. All the children in the multi-age Montessori classroom are afforded the chance to learn from each other as well as from the teacher.

Students are exposed to a rich variety of hands-on learning experiences in reading, writing, math, science, art, social studies, foreign languages, and music. Students work alone and in small and large groups. The teacher is their guide, interacting with, helping, advising, and assisting each student each day.
Parents are each child's first and most important teacher. Accordingly, parents and teachers work together to create a climate of success for their child in the Montessori program. Parents are encouraged to share special talents and are invited to become part of daily classroom life in this special program.

Children, like adults, need acceptance, respect, and understanding. In the Montessori learning environment, each student develops a positive self concept and gains confidence as he or she learns to work alone and in cooperation with others.

Children of all abilities and talents, without regard to race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin are eligible for enrollment at Hickory Montessori School. Any child ages 3 months - 6 years is eligible for our program. New children will enter the school for a one month trial period, after which the child's progress is evaluated.